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Clients & Partners

At Humanitarian Data Solutions, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of organisations, both in consulting and capacity building.

Through these partnerships, we work together to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of aid, development, and social impact outcomes. Below are some of the incredible organisations we have had the privilege to work with:

Collaborative Cash Delivery Network (CCD Network):

The CCD Network is a consortium of humanitarian organisations that work together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cash-based assistance in emergencies. Our collaboration with the CCD Network, through World Vision and in collaboration with Amos Doornbos’ Digital Services team, has involved designing and implementing a data literacy programme (called the ‘Data Class’), online community support, and in-person training in South Sudan, Ukraine, and Sudan, funded by ECHO and ADH,

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC):

As one of the world's largest humanitarian networks, IFRC plays a crucial role in disaster response, recovery, and preparedness. We have collaborated with IFRC on staff training initiatives to help build KoboToolbox and Power BI skills among their National Society Information Management specialists, especially for the Ukraine and impacted countries crisis.

Tearfund UK:

Tearfund UK is a Christian relief and development agency committed to supporting vulnerable communities affected by disasters, poverty, and injustice. Our partnership with Tearfund UK has involved consulting and staff training to help them better collect and analyse data through their Light Wheel Survey tool, which aims to holistically measure transformation in communities where they support development. We developed a redesigned survey questionnaire, an analysis tool dashboard, and e-learning resources to allow capacity building on setting up and running a Light Wheel Survey through KoboToolbox. We also supported the setup of a midline Light Wheel Survey for the CKU fund (for Danish church-based development).


OceanCycle is a pioneering social enterprise focused on addressing ocean plastic pollution by certifying ocean-bound plastic supply chains and providing transparency and traceability to trade partners and brands. We have collaborated with OceanCycle to enhance their data management capabilities, enabling them to better track and visualise data about informal waste collection centres, waste worker livelihoods and the recycled plastic supply chains.

British Red Cross

Andrew Braye and Fiona Harvey at the British Red Cross have spearheaded training provision for the deployable Information Management Register, with partner Red Cross Red Crescent societies and the Red Cross wide SIMS Network. Together we have trained on skills for using KoboToolbox and Power BI for harnessing operational data during emergency responses and longer term programmes around the world. Participants love the interactive teaching and we continue to work with new register members and British Red Cross colleagues.

Dorcas Aid International:

Dorcas Aid is dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice by empowering communities through sustainable development programs. Our collaboration with Dorcas Aid has involved capacity building and staff training, primarily for their country-level M&E focal points from their country programmes as well as global M&E advisors through our courses ‘Mastering Form Design in KoboToolbox’ and ‘Getting Started in Power BI’.

Emerging Leaders:

Every adult, child & young person needs the motivation, mindsets, and skills to lead themselves and others to be change-makers. Emerging Leaders uses leadership training to unlock people’s potential by using mindset coaching with some of the world’s poorest people. Humanitarian Data Solutions began working with Emerging Leaders in 2018 to help them capture their impact quantitatively in South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, and India and start to use that data to grow their programme. We continue to support their impact initiatives whenever possible, as they work with exciting donors and retail partners to affect change!

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF):

MAF provides aviation and technology services to support humanitarian efforts in isolated regions. We have partnered with MAF to review and support their first global impact survey, implemented in KoboToolbox, and to support their global learning team.

CARE International:

As a leading humanitarian organisation, CARE works to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. We have supported CARE by providing training for both field-based and HQ-based staff members in information management and M&E roles through ‘Mastering Form Design in KoboToolbox’.

Medical Teams International:

Medical Teams International is a global health organisation committed to providing life-saving medical care to people affected by disasters, conflict, and poverty. We have collaborated with Medical Teams International to provide staff training on KoboToolbox data collection.


NetHope is a consortium of leading global nonprofits and technology partners committed to transforming the way humanitarian organisations utilise technology to achieve their goals. We collaborated with NetHope to help them develop a curriculum to train their member organisation staff on Introduction to Power BI.

Plan International:

Plan International is a global children's rights and development organisation, striving to advance children's rights and equality for girls around the world. We recently had the opportunity to help Plan International optimise functionality and aesthetics with a global Excel template used by their teams around the world. Always a privilege to work alongside committed change-makers!
Through these partnerships, we at Humanitarian Data Solutions strive to create a positive impact in the world by leveraging the power of data and data skills.

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