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Our work in data literacy training often leads us to clients who need and want support building custom data collection, data visualisation, data training, and data systems projects.

In these types of projects, we partner with organisations and companies that align with our mission and values, specifically those that aim to reduce poverty, love humanity, have a frontline-focused approach, sustain our beautiful Earth, and drive towards global equitability.

We work with large global companies and international organisations as well as small social enterprises and local organisations.

Our consulting work generally falls within these categories:

Training Courses, HelpDesk & Facilitation

If you’re rolling out data systems and strategies across global teams, programmes, and countries, you often need customised digital training resources. As e-learning practitioners, we can work alongside you to customise data literacy courses that work for your team and context. These may sit on your own learning management system or they could sit on our e-Learning platform. We may also be able to provide in-person facilitation if required.

Often, organisations need (and might not have) a ‘data team’ to go to with questions, or to brainstorm ways forward. We provide a unique ‘Data HelpDesk’ service as information management practitioners, to work with either a single key focal point, or to provide operational support across many staff members.

Read more about what we’ve done with World Vision, OceanCycle, Tearfund, the International Federation of the Red Cross, and Dorcas Aid to help them create custom training and support resources.

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Mobile Data Collection and Dashboards for Humanitarian and Social Impact Projects

Many clients come to us with the initial steps of a data collection form underway - perhaps they’ve designed the initial version of a questionnaire - and they’re interested in digitalising, improving or revamping their questionnaire. We work on initiatives to pilot, scale up, and integrate digital data collection into your team workflows.

Equally, our clients have digital programme data, but need to visualise it appropriately to report it, use it, and act on it. We help set up workflows to get your data into dashboards, and design the dashboards themselves.

Read more about what we’ve done with OceanCycle, Tearfund, and Mission Aviation Fellowship to help them create these information management resources.

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Supply Chain Traceability Data Systems

An exciting overlap between the world of ‘business’ and a dedication to global ‘poverty reduction’ has been within the emerging sector of global supply chain traceability. Traceability often has a need for frontline data collection, often within low-bandwidth and remote locations. There are further complexities allowing that data to ‘follow’ physical products through multi-actor value-chains, often within low and middle-income countries. And there is a need to turn that raw data into real-time visualisations that support business decisions. Traceability is an enormously exciting and robust challenge that our team has had the privilege of working on and helping to support. We see traceability as one way to help drive more money and value into the hands of raw goods suppliers, farmers, cooperatives, and families - even though that dream is largely still unrealised.

While we cannot claim total expertise, as the scope and scale of supply chain traceability across each commodity or product includes actors across multiple continents and companies, we can certainly claim to understand the need for data excellence. We will work alongside your expert supply chain team and suppliers to tackle the coordination and collaboration needed to bring your own traceability system to life.

Read more about what we’ve done with OceanCycle, Wild Asia, and Emerging Leaders to understand and support more transparent global supply chains.

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