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Welcome Aid Workers and Change Makers!

Does Your Team Collect Digital Data and Visualise It Confidently?

We help you grow your team’s data skills.
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What do we do and who is it for?

At Humanitarian Data Solutions, our heartbeat, our ‘why’, is to love, serve, and restore hope and choice to people living in crisis.

We do this by training aid workers and change-makers in essential data skills and providing consulting services in high-quality data collection design and data visualization.

There is a gap in data skills across our sector. We run the Humanitarian Data Academy, through which we offer courses in KoBoToolbox, Power BI, QGIS, and Excel, using humanitarian-centric data and contextual examples to ensure relevance for frontline operations.

Additionally, our commitment to accessible learning extends to offering free data tutorials through channels such as our YouTube channel and website. This approach allows anyone, regardless of budget constraints, to collect, analyze, and visualize data with excellence.

We’ve worked with:

Data Literacy Training

Data Skills Training

Are you looking for online training to teach data skills in common software and best practices? Our Humanitarian Data Academy is where to start!

Bespoke Consultancy Service

Consulting Services

Tailored support for your organisation’s data needs and your unique programmes. We specialize in data literacy for NGOs, charities, and social enterprises, both online and in-person.

Data Coaching & Helpdesk

Community Helpdesk

Information-management and monitoring & evaluation practitioners get a helpdesk, a sounding board, a community of practice that they can go to, ask for help, and get inspiration from.

- Coming soon

Using Technology

Meet Janna

In 2018, Humanitarian Data Solutions started with a simple question “How could we get digital data collection and business intelligence dashboards into the hands of every humanitarian?” This has led to tens of thousands of people having accessed tutorials, training, and support on data collection, analysis, and visualisation. Janna founded Humanitarian Data Solutions after a decade of frontline development and humanitarian work in Ghana, Sudan, and Jordan.

As a Water Resources Engineer with a background in computer modelling and mapping, humanitarian data collection and visualisation became a central component of leading her project teams. In 2022, Janna joined the ODK Technical Advisory Board, to contribute a humanitarian data practitioner perspective and to stay abreast of new developments in data collection software. Janna is a wife, a mum of two little ones, and leads Humanitarian Data Solutions with a growing team.

What our clients think...

  • “The course was so interesting. What I liked about the course was the way Janna organized the modules. Her explanations were very interesting, and the involvement of practical examples made it easier for practice. Additionally, the community around it was also a good one because it helped us with networking, and this helped us make more friends across the world. Being quick at responding to emails and questions in the community also made the course so much different from other online courses I have ever taken. The weekly Zoom meetings made the course extraordinary and so much more interactive because here we were given a chance to be live and interact with our classmates. Thanks for all, Janna!”
    - Nabasa Jonathan GoUseTech Uganda
  • “The course was quite interesting, both for those who are just starting to take steps in the direction of information management, as well as for those who already have experience. The training modules are loaded with both theoretical and practical work, which creates a diverse environment and learning opportunities for the participants.”
    - Irakli Iakobidze - IFRC - Georgia
  • “The best part of taking Mastering Form Design in KoboToolbox was the personal engagement of Janna to assist every participant. Constant support and clear approach during learning. I am very satisfied with every part of the course. ”
    - Hleb Salauyou - IFRC - Poland
  • “Janna is absolutely amazing at facilitating people at their own pace, and making sure everyone has the opportunity to learn and shine.”
    - Tamar Bodde-Kekana, Khulisa, South Africa

    Training Courses Bundles

    Buy the Bundle

    For beginners, we recommend you enrol in our ‘Humanitarian Information Management Beginner’ bundle.

    All-Access Membership Pass:

    For Information Management and M&E Specialists, we recommend you enrol in our all-access membership pass

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    Humanitarian Data Solutions Is Carbon Neutral

    As a company, we have the opportunity to uphold the values (together!) that we hold personally. One of those values is having a positive impact on the environment and climate.

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