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Spreadsheet skills are crucial for any team or individual who works with raw humanitarian or development data. These courses don’t just teach spreadsheet skills, but the important skills to develop in our sector, especially for M&E and Information Management use cases.



Getting Started in Excel

Excel Essentials fills the gaps in your staff’s Excel knowledge helping them get the most of Excel’s functions and features and adopt best practices. The course uses examples and scenarios from your sector, meaning the lessons are relevant and the learning is applicable right away.

Start date:
  • Flexible
Live Cohort

Supercharge Your Spreadsheets: Excel for M&E

A 5-Week Excel Course for M&E users - M&E Officers, Managers, and Specialists - anyone who works with MEL, MEAL, MERL data - monitoring and evaluation! How do you use Excel Better?!

Start date:
  • 12-Sep -24

Buy the Bundle:

For beginners, we recommend you enrol in our ‘Humanitarian Information Management Beginner’ bundle. This bundle includes:

  • Getting Started in KoBoToolbox

  • Getting Started in Power BI (for XLSForm data!)

  • Getting Started in QGIS (Humanitarian Mapping!)

  • Getting Started in Excel (Humanitarian Analysis!)

  • Data Class Online!

All-Access Membership Pass:

For Information Management and M&E Specialists, we recommend you enrol in our all-access membership pass with access to all the following courses:

  • Power BI for Survey Data

  • Mastering Form Design in KoboToolbox

  • Mighty Maps: Essential QGIS for Humanitarians

  • Data Class Virtual (Live-Taught Course)

  • Supercharge Your Spreadsheets: Excel for M&E

  • +PLUS the Beginner Bundle

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